Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Got My Answer

  I praise the Lord!  For those of you that read this post, I did get my answer.  It came that night in fact, & God said “No”.  I’m okay with that; at least now I have closure.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Trekkin Through Our First Quarter-Part 1

  First I just have to say …

“I miss my blog soooo much!”

  Okay, now that I have that off my chest I can continue.  I wanted to share with you a little bit about how our homeschooling year is going so far.  Since I hope to have lots of pictures, I’m going to split this post up into 3 parts.  Here’s a sneak peak at some of the stuff I’m going to share: 

2011-09-21 14.23.10 2011-09-21 14.32.29 2011-08-09 05.23.21

  The year started off great-at least for the first month (we started the beginning of August).  We took a short break & it seems like it’s just gone downhill since then.  As usual things have gotten all wacky around here.  As of this week we have 2 more house guests staying in the back room with my sister-in-law & her fiance.  Keep in mind that my house in total is only 904 sf., so I’ve been VERY stressed lately.

2011-09-21 14.23.10

  I tried something new today.  LB has outgrown (yes already) the whole “Calendar Time”, but I wanted to find a way to keep him in tune with each day.  Also, I’m trying to teach him how to use a notebook for some of his school stuff.  So I created this page to do each day which just goes over the date, using number words, the weather, & feelings.  This week has been a very rough week; I’m assuming it’s due to the new house guests. So I’m hoping it will be better received in the weeks to come.

  The pages in his new notebook are:

2011-09-21 14.23.28

His prayer that I like him to say.

2011-09-21 11.17.49

His “Today is” sheet that I just created.

2011-09-21 14.24.28

The new sheet we are using for our “Days in School” tracking (it’s actually an attendance sheet sample that I downloaded from Homeschool Creations Planner).  It’s a simple way to track the days because I promised him that we’d have a party at day 100.

2011-09-21 14.24.57

His handwriting page from A Reason for Handwriting T

2011-09-21 14.25.21

His Language Arts worksheet from the Sonlight Core B Language Arts program.

2011-09-21 14.26.07 2011-09-21 14.26.23 2011-09-21 14.27.29

His mini office that I made him last year (which he never used).  He probably won’t use it this year either, I just threw it in there instead of in the trash.  It’s hard to see so much of my time & effort go to waste.

2011-09-21 14.27.55

A chore chart which I’m not sure I want to keep in here.  I want one that would be at our command center (if we had one).

2011-09-21 14.28.31

His Hymn Study which we’ve just incorporated.  I still need to get proper dividers, I just wanted to make sure it would be used before I went to the trouble.

2011-09-21 14.29.05

His Art Study which we’ve also just incorporated (also still waiting to make dividers).

2011-09-21 14.29.28

His Creative Writing from Sonlight’s Core B Language Arts program.

2011-09-21 14.29.59

His Plutarch Study which is another one that we’ve just added.

2011-09-21 14.30.33

And finally, our timelines & maps.

  I really like it & think it will work well, but that remains to be seen=)  I can’t wait to show you some of the other things.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


P. Graham Dunn’s Be strong in the Lord, Horse - Ephesians 6:10, Christian Inspirational Art

   I wrote this a few days ago, on 9/12/11 …

Dear LORD,

  You placed these desires in my heart; what are they there for?  To what end?  I feel like it’s just torture or a bad joke.

  At first all I heard was “Have faith!”, which I have to admit was hard for me.  My faith is weak, but I do have faith (at least as much as a mustard seed).  I know that You can do miracles; You can do ANYTHING that is according to Your will.  I pray that it is according to Your perfect will for us that Your answer be “Yes!”.  I’m just scared to believe that I would be blessed that much.  I was also scared of being let down-what if I was wrong.

  I thought I heard a “Yes.” yesterday at church, but this morning the test was negative.  I just don’t know what to think (or feel) any more!  I feel so emotional that I find myself taking it out on my family by mistake.  I know You’ve heard my hearts plea; I know You have a reason for all of this but…please end this season of the unknown!  I just want closure, whether it’s “Yes” or “No”.

  Thank You for always being there for me!  In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  I still don’t have any answers; I’m still waiting.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wuggle Pets…Finally

  For Little Buddy’s 7th Birthday his Aunt bought him these toys he wanted called Wuggle Pets.  They seemed really cute, reasonably priced, & a GREAT alternative to Build-a-Bear which can break your bank (well, at least mine).  We waited & waited (& waited some more), but they never came.  I lost track of how long we waited once we hit a month.  It was devastating to LB; he was writing letters to them every day asking them to come soon.  It was a horrible experience!  I had such high hopes for them.

  Well, fast forward about five months.  Monday we were at Wal-Mart getting some things & guess what we saw on the shelf as we passed by?  You guessed it-Wuggle Pets.  So, of course we had to buy them for LB  (Yes he is pretty spoiled=). 

2011-09-12 10.00.20

  So we got home & got straight to work bringing our Wuggle Pets to life.

2011-09-12 09.58.502011-09-12 09.59.332011-09-12 09.59.512011-09-12 10.00.44

2011-09-12 10.00.13

  He was a little anxious to start but I showed him how to read the instructions before.  It was so cute to see him making these; I think I enjoyed watching him as much as he enjoyed making them.

  The end result?  Here’s the reveal …

2011-09-12 10.09.45

  After he got done making both of them, he signed their Birth Certificates.

2011-09-12 10.09.02

  And then he made them a Happy Birthday sign.

2011-09-12 17.56.11

  It was well worth the money (they were under $15.00).  I hope you enjoyed the show.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Library Finds: Week #6

  Wow!  It’s sure been a lonnnnggg time since I’ve posted.  I’m trying to get back into the swing of things since school has started again, but man it’s hard.

Here’s our library picks this time:

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