Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our CM Oral Exams

  Last year without realizing it, I started using CM methods of instruction.  For this year I wanted to learn more about Charlotte Mason’s style.  I’m really liking it so far.

  I read a few GREAT posts (can’t remember exactly which ones =[ ) & it helped me understand to make the changes to her style slowly.  That helped tremendously because I feel like I have more of a plan now.  It sure would have helped last year, but live & learn –right?  I can’t say often enough how thankful to God I am for technology!

  They say to add one thing at a time to ensure you’re not changing things too fast.  This is especially important for me considering I have an autistic son.  Not knowing this, I’ve gone a little faster than I should have.  Last year, our changes to more of a CM style were to using Living books, daily (almost) Bible reading, copy work, & Habit trainingThis year we’ve added doing Short lessons, scripture memorization, CM Oral Exams, Narrations, Dictation, & Devotions.

  I started the oral exams late this year (it was well after the first quarter) but I felt it was important for LB to have this whole year as prep before requiring more intense oral exams next year.  I gave him his 1st oral exam the first week of our 2nd quarter.  I felt so guilty; I had NO idea how he was going to handle this change.  He did so well, I was SO proud of him!  I just explained that it was called an exam, but that it was really just us talking about what we’ve learned.  Sorry the pictures didn’t come out very good, but here’s a peek at what his 1st oral exam entailed.

 01QTR2011 CM Oral Exam 01QTR2011 CM Oral Exam pg. 2

  Believe it or not it has already been time for another oral exam.  This year is flying by.  So this exam I tried to add a little more than his first one.  Also, I split it up between 3 days (which turned out to be between 3 weeks).  It’s mostly an oral exam, but I added handwriting one of our poems & a sentence to analyze (just looking for subject & predicate).

02QTR2011 CM Oral Exam

02QTR2011 CM Oral Exam pg. 2

 02QTR2011 CM Oral Exam pg. 3

 02QTR2011 CM Oral Exam pg. 4

  I pray that the exams keep going well – I might even try video taping it.

  After some digging, I found the links for the posts that helped me the most.  They are listed below (in no certain order):


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